5 things keeping you from up-leveling in your business

Specifically from saving time and batching your content.   

The five things I’m sharing with you today were definitely true for me when I first started batching content in my business. My hope is they ring true for you and you’re able to really step into a different role and season in your business.  

I have a feeling that this conversation is going to hit at just the right time as the New Year is on the horizon and you are getting ready to ask yourself, “How do I do things a little bit differently? How do I be more efficient, effective, make more sales and impact?” 

Listen in + identify one thing keeping you from batching content. 

The number 1 reason I see people not batching their content is they don’t have a deadline. 

A lot of times we are motivated by deadlines. Maybe in school you would stay up really late the night before a paper was due to finish it instead of working ahead. I think this is part of human behavior. This isn’t wrong. But I see a lot of people not batching their content because there isn’t a reason to. 

In the beginning of your business it makes sense to create content in the moment, BUT if you have been in business for a little while, hear me out. 

There was a major shift that happened for me when I started batching. At first I feared I would be disconnected with my audience and I’d no longer be intuitive with the way I wrote content. 

That is not true at all. I discovered my audience became more engaged and connected.  

My first deadline was created for me with the birth of my second child a few years ago. Life will give us natural deadlines but we don’t have to wait for those to uplevel in our business. 

We can create a deadline for ourselves in our business. 

How do you do this? 

A lot of times I create deadlines for myself in my business by telling my audience what’s next. I know that I won’t let my audience down. If I tell them that I am going LIVE then I know I will show up. If I tell my audience a program is dropping, I am going to make it happen. A lot of times that’s the beauty of announcing things, it builds in accountability. 

When you join a program like Content Miracle, it gives you that motivation because you have invested in taking this step and have a system. Now I actually have to show up and create a 6 week content batch. 

I hear this all the time, in order to be a successful business owner you think you have to be “motivated” all the time. 

The truth is there are minimum things you have to do in business daily. For example, in my business it’s showing up for my clients. 

We also get to give ourselves permission to lean in and out of our business. And I’ve been able to grow consistently + build momentum working 20 hours or less a week because I really lean in and out of my business. 

For example, it will take me 4 hours to batch 6 weeks of content and during that time I’m really leaning in. I’ll spread it out over 3 days then I’m leaning out, giving myself space. 

I don’t see women giving themselves permission to lean in AND out. They are either only leaning into their business or leaning out of it. So they’re driving themselves to burnout or never fully stepping in and connecting with their work. 

For example, when you feel the energy and the excitement and passion over a piece of content. Lean in. Stay up until midnight working. There is nothing wrong with doing that. Sometimes we make it wrong because we left our 9 to 5 not to stay up late. But if you are feeling the excitement, go for it. Then lean out and take some space.

I feel batching teaches you how to lean in and out. When you batch 6 weeks of content I’m having you lean in for a specific period of time. Then you get to lean out of content for 6 weeks. If you’ve never done that it will feel a little bananas the first time but it’s so valuable. You can consistently show up for your audience without being there 24/7. 

A lot of people don’t batch because they’re afraid of being disconnected from their audience. 

Batching helps you build relationships day to day even when you’re not there. 

It blew my mind when people were reading my emails I wrote 6 weeks before and watching the videos I prerecorded. Instead of seeing my engagement go down, it increased! The reason why is when I batched in advance, I was able to have cohesive content for my audience. 

Even when your content is batched, you can still connect with your audience by doing pop up trainings, stories, comment, and interact. When you start doing more leveraged visibility, like videos, you are building relationships with multiple humans at the same time. So while you may not be getting to know them, they are getting to know you. 

In order to consistently profit in your business you have to put out value, build relationships, but content doesn’t need to be created week to week. Batching allows you to be consistent even if life is being inconsistent. Sometimes you’re motivated, sometimes you’re not. 

You may not be batching or scaling activities in your business in general because– You don’t have the time. 

Block 3 or 4 hours in your calendar. Create the room ahead of time, especially if you don’t feel like you have time in your business. 

I don’t have time NOT to batch in my business because it creates more time for me. I work anywhere from 10 to 25 hours in my business so I have to be savvy with my time. For me it is non negotiable to do important activities in my business, sales and marketing activities. 

Give yourself permission to do the best with what you have right now. I have a belief that has served me so well, when I do the best I can with what I have the results will come pouring in. Do you believe that for you? Or are you comparing yourself with someone else, who’s life looks different? Instead of looking at someone else, remember that when you give the best you have with what you have, you will see results. 

Another reason you may not be batching is– You’re comfy in your current block. 

“I’m stressed in content creation and I don’t know how to get out of it.”

While part of you wants to break out of this, part of you doesn’t. It may sound crazy but stay with me. The reason why is that once your content issues are solved you’ll have another problem in business. 

A common misconception: If only x, y, z were to happen then everything would be perfect or wonderful in my business. But there is always the next level thing and that’s okay. One reason we became entrepreneurs is because we like the challenge. 

When your visibility is solved then you have a new problem to face. 

Spoiler alert: Once people have their visibility set up they have to start selling and amp up their connection. What is it going to mean to serve them? You can trust yourself. 

It’s time to get ready to uplevel and face that next thing! 

You can trust yourself to clear the visibility block and face the next level thing. If you don’t know, ask yourself this,

“If I had a magic wand and I had 6 weeks of content sitting in my folder, what would be my next level fear and concern in my business?” 

It probably has something to do with sales or hiring a team member. 

Give yourself permission to say whatever it is, I can face it and handle it. 

You’re comfy in your current block. It’s time to get ready to uplevel and face that next thing! And your next thing just might be The Content Miracle!

10 Ways to Sell More

10 Ways to Sell More on Black Friday/Cyber Monday (and Beyond!)

Are you ready to apply a simple sales strategy this holiday season? I share 10 different ways you to sell more (without the ICK feeling)– pick one to apply today! See more than one you like? Don’t worry, these tips will work throughout the year. 


I think authentic deadlines and urgency are a GIFT to your dreamy to help her take action on something if she truly needs it. In my book, your humans have busy lives and are making dozens of tiny (and sometimes really big) decisions every single day. What urgency does is it bumps up your offer as a higher priority on their decision list. You’re not forcing them to purchase, but you are giving them the gift of a deadline so they can hop in or out and not leave the decision hanging. How MANY of your audience members are just waiting for you to LEAD and create a boundary around their buying experience?


Consider discounting a digital product (or adding a fun BONUS!) instead of discounting your signature offer so that you maintain the long-term integrity of your signature offer.


For quick sales it’s best to sell something in the impulse worthy $27-$197 price range. Pricing psychology tells us that this is the range where people don’t have to ask their partner or overthink about the decision. You’re not facing a money objection, so if your dreamy NEEDS what you’re offering and they trust ya, they’re IN.


You know what creates buzz and excitement in your audience? When YOU are buzzing and excited about what you’re offering! List THREE reasons why this offer will be of highest service to your audience. What is the #1 RESULT that they might get from your product if they show up and apply it to their life/business? You seriously have the opportunity to change and shift lives with your product– the only thing that’s in the way is SALES (aka- you communicating with excitement in a clear way what your thing is and how it will help your dreamie!).


Relationships will always be the center of heart-centered-sales. So don’t just post about your offer ONCE, do a fb or ig live where your audience can connect with you. Do some private invites to people that you genuinely think your offer would be a good fit for! Ask your friends to help share your offer. Don’t just expect comments on your black friday post– go comment on others’ black friday posts and spread the love! Anytime you sell, amp up the connection and your sales are guaranteed to correlate. It’s not *just* a strategy that works, it’s also what feels good!


It’s totally not ONLY about the cash you’ll bring in during your sale (though that peppermint spice latte fund is great!) but it’s about the humans that you are inviting IN to your inner circle that you can continue to work with in 2020. Those humans that buy your $67 thing are only in because they ALIGN with how you do work and they trust you as the expert– this is a HUGE win. You’ve already built trust with your free stuff, and now you can build trust and an even bigger win with your $67 thing, which makes your next level offer a no brainer.


It takes work to be clear and concise, but the clearer you are the easier it is for your clients to buy. Title. Price. Deliverables. How to Buy. Where to Contact you with Qs. Date and Time the Deal Ends.

Excellence VS. Perfectionism!

You want to deliver an excellent product but don’t get stuck in perfection. Every time I re-launch a product I update it! You can’t have a 2.0 without stepping out and doing a 1.0. All you need to make a sale is a paypal.me account. You can deliver a workbook via google drive + email. You can schedule a client session via google calendar. Be excellent where it matters (i.e. showing up for your clients!) and release looking perfectly professional all of the time.


In Sell with Heart™ we talk about not just enduring objections but really *celebrating* them. Typically if someone is seriously considering your offer and picturing themselves in your program– only then will they express a question about fit or worth. ASK for objections not just on sales calls but with your digital products too. On social I’ll ask, “What’s keeping you on the fence with [product]?” At the end of my email I’ll write, “Hit reply to this email if you have any hesitations, I answer all my emails personally.” You can trust yourself to answer any and all Qs honestly, so be a safe space for your audience to explore product fit with you!


There’s no better feeling (and marketing) than taking care of your current and past clients. My humans stick around for a long time and I’m guessing yours do too! It’s exactly why with my black Friday offer (a new release of content miracle!) I’m including all of the updates fo’ free for alumni that have purchased the program. Another way that I honor current clients is not discounting in my business in a way that undermines my current pricing structure.

Ready to join a highly engaged group of business women? Heart Centered Entrepreneurs is my FREE Facebook group where I train and connect daily!

Break the MOLD for more FREEDOM

You WANT freedom in your business, but you might be: 

  1. Unknowingly stuck in the MOLD of what you see coaches/designers/influencer’s doing.
  2. Stuck in your OWN mold of what you created in your business so far. 

Today I share three stories that I’ve learned while hosting and speaking at retreats in my business and how I didn’t say YES or NO but I struck a middle ground and created my own way

Listen in + identify one thing that’s NOT working that you’re ready to approach with a creative, perfect-for-you solution. 

Should I get Certified? Why I didn’t.

I see too many heart-centered women STUCK in impostor syndrome, and questioning their abilities. Making them doubt their ability to serve AS they grow. 

Tune in to hear >>

  • My thoughts on the “coaching” industry and certifications.
  • How to FEEL qualified even while you’re trying something new.
  • A powerful exercise that will boost your confidence TODAY. 
  • A tip for those afraid to “over-promise” on your sales copy. 
  • How to feel confident right now even if you have a small audience. 

6 Key Elements to a Core Offer that SELLS

What if I said that you only needed to have clarity around 6 QUICK things in order to start selling that next level offer you’ve been dreaming of? 

Once you push the fear aside, this exercise should take you around 15 minutes. In today’s offer I encourage you to keep the marketing simple so you can impact your next wave of clients quicker. 

I also give you pricing tips and the difference between outcomes and deliverables.

Watch this video and then share in the comments the next offer/package/produce that you’re releasing into the world.

One Important TIP to Help You Work Less + Make More

It’s time to pull out your to-do list and give it a serious look. 

So many of the women I work with do things in the name of PROFESSIONALISM, but really it’s masked perfectionism. 

(I have been there before too!) 

Today I going to give you four ways to show up professionally without letting an overflowing to-do list bog you down. 

Watch this video and pick ONE THING you can release (or put on pause) today so that you can get your work into the world FASTER (and get paid doing it).

Secrets From My 3-Day Work Week

Want more flexibility? 

Funnels + passive income aren’t the only way. 

Being a MASTER of your schedule is. 

Today I’m sharing my three step framework for creating a schedule that works for you so you can get your time back. 

I also share details of profit producing tasks that you should be putting IN your schedule so that you can maximize your productivity and satisfaction with the time you spend when you’re at your desk. 

5 Mistakes I made Creating 6 Months of Content In Advance

Last week I talked about the 6 Lessons I Learned Creating Six Months of Content in Advance. 

–and this week I’m diving into the 5 Mistakes I Made (and solutions I’ve found!). 

You’re not going to want to miss this ‘cause I learned some major lessons and it radically changed my batching for the better. 

6 Things I Learned Creating 6 Months of Content in Advance

When I was pregnant with my daughter I went into extreme nesting mode in my business.  

I sat down to batch my videos and— Hello, Insecurity! Usually, I’m a fairly confident person, but there’s something about planning and creating in advance that feels so permanent and professional. In those moments, my inner critic comes out. Was I qualified? Was I prepared? Am I creating the “right” things? 

–Next, FOMO Hit Hard. I worried… if I plan in advance, how will I keep things relevant? How will I keep up with the trends? Will it take the joy out of showing up in my business?  

Listen to ALL SIX hurdles (and how I overcame them for both of us with flying colors) in this week’s video. 

–that way you can fly right by the hurdles and batch in your business with more ease.

The Heart Centered Entrepreneur’s Guide to Buying Cues

Buying Cues.

“I loved your most recent post and I just shared it with my best friend! Powerful stuff!!”

“Do you offer discounts?” 

“Can we meet so I can pick your brain on this?” 

THESE, my friend– are buying cues. 

–and I can’t tell you how many sales I’ve converted by being willing to take the second move, by actually seeing a message like this as the FIRST MOVE. 

Honestly, I used to be terrified of offering discovery calls to people. Even AFTER they expressed an interest in working with me. 

I didn’t want to be salesy, so I did the opposite and HID. 

As the leader in your biz, it’s okay (and good!) to let people know how they can work with you in a paid capacity. 

You’re not forcing them, you’re just being clear. 

You’re trusting they are a healthy human that can say no. 

–and you’re letting them know that you think they are neat and WANT to work with them too!

What is a buying cue? 

It’s a signal from someone that they may be interested in working with you and learning more about working with you.

What are examples of buying cues? Someone…

  1. is frequently engaging on your free content
  2. is asking for your opinion or wants to “pick your brain” 
  3. tells you that they love your work and recommended it to someone
  4. is repeating back your own messaging to you
  5. is asking for your pricing or other specific details about the service
  6. shares a desire to work together at a later date
  7. shares a concern/objection about your service

So I need to pitch everyone who comments on my stuff? Now, I’m not saying that you need to PITCH every person who comments on your content. What I am saying is that we are so scared of “being salesy” or creating a bad buying experience for someone that we completely ignore ways that our pre-clients are showing genuine interest in our work. So the first step is owning that you can SELL to prospective buyers without making it weird or of disservice. That way when someone asks you, “do you offer discounts”– you’re not offended, but you see it as a serious buying cue! 

Take the first move!

If your intuition is telling you that someone may be feeling drawn to your work– 1) CONNECT. This will give you more information and really is just the good-human thing to do that probably comes natural to you anyway! Ask them about their life/business, where they are most needing support. 2) SELL, but don’t sell your offer. When someone is giving you a buying cue it doesn’t mean that you should share directly about your offer. –and that’s exactly what I used to do. 

Well really, I used to do NO selling and when I sometimes-maybe-got courageous enough to sell I would only “sell” my offer directly.  I didn’t have an intentionally designed “relationship path” or sales strategy. 

When you have an intentionally designed path (some people call it a sales funnel) you don’t need to SELL your paid offer until you’re actually on a sales call or on a fb live at the end of a challenge, ETC. But you do need to “sell” your audience into the next step for them along the path to working with you. Do you have a free resource that would be helpful for them? Tell them how to subscribe to your list! 

Do you have a free call you offer? Tell them about your mini session or discovery call and explain how you would help them move forward where they are stuck. If you don’t know step-by-step how someone goes from visitor to paying customer then make it a priority to find out. (HINT: I can help you with that!) 

Play the Short & Long Game.

Be assertive but patient. I find that most of my clients coming in expect all of their clients to buy on the spot OR they expect their audience to take a long time to make their buying decision. I think we can open our heart to BOTH being true— willing to work with the person that sees our content and is ready to start ASAP and patient for the person that might take half a year to trust us. 

How do I get MORE buying cues?

Short answer is, produce free value/content/visibility that resonates with your audience! The more visible you are with a clear and concise message– the more of you there is to see and resonate with without you even being there with them!

–also as you acknowledge the buying cues that you ARE getting, even if it’s from one person, you will start seeing and getting more as your awareness and the power of your free content increases. Start with where you’re at and care for and connect with your current audience! 

Closing Thoughts:

Ready for more people to START giving you buying cues in the first place? It can be your reality and I’d love to support you personally with improving your visibility + sales process.  I have 1-1 intensive and mentorship space opening up in August so I’m opening up my calendar for a limited number of Discovery Calls. Book a space here to get radical clarity on what you need to increase momentum and cashflow in your business this fall and to see if we’re a good fit for working together! > www.annafrandsen.com/discoverycall