6 Key Elements to a Core Offer that SELLS

What if I said that you only needed to have clarity around 6 QUICK things in order to start selling that next level offer you’ve been dreaming of? 

Once you push the fear aside, this exercise should take you around 15 minutes. In today’s offer I encourage you to keep the marketing simple so you can impact your next wave of clients quicker. 

I also give you pricing tips and the difference between outcomes and deliverables.

Watch this video and then share in the comments the next offer/package/produce that you’re releasing into the world.

One Important TIP to Help You Work Less + Make More

It’s time to pull out your to-do list and give it a serious look. 

So many of the women I work with do things in the name of PROFESSIONALISM, but really it’s masked perfectionism. 

(I have been there before too!) 

Today I going to give you four ways to show up professionally without letting an overflowing to-do list bog you down. 

Watch this video and pick ONE THING you can release (or put on pause) today so that you can get your work into the world FASTER (and get paid doing it).

Secrets From My 3-Day Work Week

Want more flexibility? 

Funnels + passive income aren’t the only way. 

Being a MASTER of your schedule is. 

Today I’m sharing my three step framework for creating a schedule that works for you so you can get your time back. 

I also share details of profit producing tasks that you should be putting IN your schedule so that you can maximize your productivity and satisfaction with the time you spend when you’re at your desk. 

5 Mistakes I made Creating 6 Months of Content In Advance

Last week I talked about the 6 Lessons I Learned Creating Six Months of Content in Advance. 

–and this week I’m diving into the 5 Mistakes I Made (and solutions I’ve found!). 

You’re not going to want to miss this ‘cause I learned some major lessons and it radically changed my batching for the better. 

6 Things I Learned Creating 6 Months of Content in Advance

When I was pregnant with my daughter I went into extreme nesting mode in my business.  

I sat down to batch my videos and— Hello, Insecurity! Usually, I’m a fairly confident person, but there’s something about planning and creating in advance that feels so permanent and professional. In those moments, my inner critic comes out. Was I qualified? Was I prepared? Am I creating the “right” things? 

–Next, FOMO Hit Hard. I worried… if I plan in advance, how will I keep things relevant? How will I keep up with the trends? Will it take the joy out of showing up in my business?  

Listen to ALL SIX hurdles (and how I overcame them for both of us with flying colors) in this week’s video. 

–that way you can fly right by the hurdles and batch in your business with more ease.

The Heart Centered Entrepreneur’s Guide to Buying Cues

Buying Cues.

“I loved your most recent post and I just shared it with my best friend! Powerful stuff!!”

“Do you offer discounts?” 

“Can we meet so I can pick your brain on this?” 

THESE, my friend– are buying cues. 

–and I can’t tell you how many sales I’ve converted by being willing to take the second move, by actually seeing a message like this as the FIRST MOVE. 

Honestly, I used to be terrified of offering discovery calls to people. Even AFTER they expressed an interest in working with me. 

I didn’t want to be salesy, so I did the opposite and HID. 

As the leader in your biz, it’s okay (and good!) to let people know how they can work with you in a paid capacity. 

You’re not forcing them, you’re just being clear. 

You’re trusting they are a healthy human that can say no. 

–and you’re letting them know that you think they are neat and WANT to work with them too!

What is a buying cue? 

It’s a signal from someone that they may be interested in working with you and learning more about working with you.

What are examples of buying cues? Someone…

  1. is frequently engaging on your free content
  2. is asking for your opinion or wants to “pick your brain” 
  3. tells you that they love your work and recommended it to someone
  4. is repeating back your own messaging to you
  5. is asking for your pricing or other specific details about the service
  6. shares a desire to work together at a later date
  7. shares a concern/objection about your service

So I need to pitch everyone who comments on my stuff? Now, I’m not saying that you need to PITCH every person who comments on your content. What I am saying is that we are so scared of “being salesy” or creating a bad buying experience for someone that we completely ignore ways that our pre-clients are showing genuine interest in our work. So the first step is owning that you can SELL to prospective buyers without making it weird or of disservice. That way when someone asks you, “do you offer discounts”– you’re not offended, but you see it as a serious buying cue! 

Take the first move!

If your intuition is telling you that someone may be feeling drawn to your work– 1) CONNECT. This will give you more information and really is just the good-human thing to do that probably comes natural to you anyway! Ask them about their life/business, where they are most needing support. 2) SELL, but don’t sell your offer. When someone is giving you a buying cue it doesn’t mean that you should share directly about your offer. –and that’s exactly what I used to do. 

Well really, I used to do NO selling and when I sometimes-maybe-got courageous enough to sell I would only “sell” my offer directly.  I didn’t have an intentionally designed “relationship path” or sales strategy. 

When you have an intentionally designed path (some people call it a sales funnel) you don’t need to SELL your paid offer until you’re actually on a sales call or on a fb live at the end of a challenge, ETC. But you do need to “sell” your audience into the next step for them along the path to working with you. Do you have a free resource that would be helpful for them? Tell them how to subscribe to your list! 

Do you have a free call you offer? Tell them about your mini session or discovery call and explain how you would help them move forward where they are stuck. If you don’t know step-by-step how someone goes from visitor to paying customer then make it a priority to find out. (HINT: I can help you with that!) 

Play the Short & Long Game.

Be assertive but patient. I find that most of my clients coming in expect all of their clients to buy on the spot OR they expect their audience to take a long time to make their buying decision. I think we can open our heart to BOTH being true— willing to work with the person that sees our content and is ready to start ASAP and patient for the person that might take half a year to trust us. 

How do I get MORE buying cues?

Short answer is, produce free value/content/visibility that resonates with your audience! The more visible you are with a clear and concise message– the more of you there is to see and resonate with without you even being there with them!

–also as you acknowledge the buying cues that you ARE getting, even if it’s from one person, you will start seeing and getting more as your awareness and the power of your free content increases. Start with where you’re at and care for and connect with your current audience! 

Closing Thoughts:

Ready for more people to START giving you buying cues in the first place? It can be your reality and I’d love to support you personally with improving your visibility + sales process.  I have 1-1 intensive and mentorship space opening up in August so I’m opening up my calendar for a limited number of Discovery Calls. Book a space here to get radical clarity on what you need to increase momentum and cashflow in your business this fall and to see if we’re a good fit for working together! > www.annafrandsen.com/discoverycall

The Perfect Sales to Value Ratio


What’s the ratio of “value” to “sales” posts that you think is right for social media?



I think this video will help you land on the number that’s just-right and EFFECTIVE for you in converting your audience into paying clients.

(and it might be more than you think, but I tell you how to do it in a way that feels good)

THREE core types of visibility that help you convert online with ease

Visibility Truth.

Are you looking for support around being visible online? Lately I’ve heard from women who are stuck taking the first step to being visible or struggle with getting in front of the right audience and/or showing up consistently. Whether you are looking to take the first step or uplevel your visibility, I have one question that will help you move forward.

The way to sustain your visibility online is to know your content personality type. Before I ask the key question, I want you to think about what’s keeping you stuck. Is there something about showing up online, being visible, that feels unnatural to you? Can you identify what is keeping you stuck?

We all encounter visibility blocks, years later I still have them. They just look different. So before you start to think, “I need to learn a new system or strategy to get visible online,” I want you to answer one question. Because I believe if you’re reading this then you only need a few small tweaks to uplevel your visibility.

Key Question: Which skill comes natural to you? Think about your everyday life and pick the one that fits.

  1. Listening
  2. Coaching/Teaching
  3. Leading

Ask yourself which of these three things naturally happens when you’re in a room. Has anyone ever said you’re a great listener? Do you find yourself giving tips and advice to friends and family? If you hear about a movie or use a great product do you tell people about it?

What’s your content creation superpower?

>>If you are naturally good at listening, your content superpower is creating engagement online.

>>If you are naturally good at teaching/coaching then value posts are your jam. Top tips, what you’re learning, how to get a breakthrough where you’re stuck

>>If you said leading then you naturally hop on over to sales.

Knowing your Content Personality Type, aka superpower, provides a starting point for your visibility. Instead of focusing on where to improve, lean into your strength as you take steps to be visible for the first time or commit to showing up consistently.

In addition to knowing your superpower, understanding the Engagement Funnel is another key to confidently showing up online. There are 4 Phases in the Engagement Funnel. I’ll walk you through it from beginning to end so you have a picture of how the engagement process will look.

Level 1: Engagement (Listening)

Think about meeting someone at a party, how do you usually interact when meeting new people? Usually a handful of “get to know you” questions and answers.

Use that same style to create valuable engagement online. Become curious about the subject matter, ask people questions and listen to their answers. You provide value by responding to their answers and inviting them to ask you questions.

Catch their eye, get them to slow their scroll.

  • What’s your biz?
  • What are your passionate about?
  • Where do you live?  
  • What questions do you have for me today?

Level 2 + 3: Value through Authority + Authenticity (Teaching/Coaching) 

How do we provide value online with our visibility? Through Authority and Authenticity.

Authority involves giving tips and teaching.

Authenticity is sharing parts of your story.

You know this is your superpower if you are compelled to teach something even as you are learning it.

Level 4: Selling (Leading)

It’s important to note right away that selling does not always involve a paid offer. In fact, it is just as vital to sell your free offers as is your paid. Some examples are sales calls, joining an email list, engaging in a LIVE show, etc.

One key to selling that feels good is communicating the value they will receive by watching your video, subscribing to your emails, etc.

Types of content for selling: Testimonials, share offer, promote potential results. Be sure to pick a watch that fits your personality!

Closing Thoughts:

The Engagement Funnel kinda goes in order and sort of does not. If you are starting out or feeling stuck, I encourage you to use the model as a guide but don’t overthink it. Ideally you are doing each of these phases in your business every week because people in your audience are at different stages of getting to know you. Someone will be meeting you for the first time the same week as another person who is ready to partner with you and purchase a program/product.

This funnel is a natural way to build relationships and it will feel good.

Now that you have the natural content style identified, embrace it. Own it. Rock it.

Make sure you know what’s at the end of your engagement funnel. Be visible with intention. Maybe your goal isn’t to sell something – it’s to build your audience, grow confident online. All content should be written with what you’re selling in mind.

Ready for support to uplevel your Visibility in ALL of these areas? Click here to join the Visible Impact Waitlist. And I’d love to hear from you in the comments of these 3 superpowers, which is yours naturally? I’d love to hear it!

3 Watch Hacks to Boost Your Business

My story.

In 2016 when I had my second child I started doing something different when it comes to managing my time.

I started wearing a watch –and it’s been a game changer these past two years!

Today, I’m going to share 3 of my favorite time-hacks with you so that you can be more productive in your life and in your business this week.

My 3 favorite tricks that I use to make the most of my watch are

TIP #1 // Put the Phone Down 

Wearing my phone helps me check my phone for the time (and get sucked down the social media rabbit hole) way less. The trick here is you HAVE to put your phone away. If you’re consistently wearing a watch but also keep your phone in front of you then, out of habit, you’ll just check the phone for the time. And let’s be honest, what happens when we check our phone to see what time it is? We get distracted. At least I do. All of a sudden I’m scrolling on Instagram, and I’m like, “What am I here for? Oh yeah. I was just checking the time.”

It’s important to wear your watch but also to put your phone on timeout. In order to be more focused and not get distracted on your phone by using it to check the time, I suggest you put it somewhere out of sight, out of mind. I have different spots where I keep my phone and my favorite is to put it on the mantel right when I walk into my house. Don’t hesitate to put your phone on timeout.

Since I’ve done this it’s really helped me feel more in charge of my day and my time because I decide when to go on my phone and use it to make a call, check Facebook, whatever I may want to do. Instead of feeling like my phone is infringing on my schedule. It’s also why I keep all my notifications turned off, all the time, except for my texts and calls. Alerts feel like an interruption and for the last two years I’ve enjoyed deciding when I want to use my phone.

TIP #2 // Quick Breathing Exercise 

I can hear the ticking on my watch and I love using the sound in order to guide my breathing exercise. At least once a day I do a breathing exercise. If I’m feeling overwhelmed or unfocused or frustrated it really helps me to move past the moment by returning to my breath in a really mindful way. Usually when I start this I breath in for 3 seconds (1 – 2 – 3) then out for 3 seconds (1 – 2- 3). My breathing may be shallow if I’m stressed or frustrated. Then I’ll close my eyes, take in deeper breaths focused on the tummy area and ribs.

Honestly, when I start it’s hard to breath in for 3 seconds and out for 3 seconds but I will do this a few times until I can get to 12. If you think I’m crazy and you’re like, “How can you breathe in for 12 seconds?” Trust me, just practice. If you give yourself a minute or two to do it you’ll find how easy it is to start controlling your breath, to breath slower and deeper in your belly.

By the time I get to twelve I feel like I’m basically floating in the ocean. I feel relaxed. I feel mindful. When I’m stressed I usually think, “I don’t have time for a breathing exercise,” but I do it anyway. Afterward I feel so much better and my thinking is clearer. I know it’s simple but it has been a game changer when I’m not in a good head space in my life or in my business.

TIP #3 // Micro Time Blocking 

I’m sure you have heard of time blocking before, this is the mini version. It helps me get way more done in my life and in my business, especially when there’s something I want to procrastinate on. While time blocking is usually 1 or 2 hours dedicated to one thing without interruption, micro time blocking is a very small amount of time throughout the day. How it works: I’ll look at my watch and tell myself I’m going to do this ONE thing, whatever this thing is, for 10 minutes. It can be something like the dishes and I’m not in the mood to do them. So I tell myself, “You’re going to take 10 minutes to do the dishes.” Another example, in my business, is interacting on social media or engaging on Facebook but I don’t want to get sucked in or I’m not in the mood. I’ll tell myself, “Ok, ten minutes, how many people can I engage with and connect with and encourage on social media?”

Another way I use micro time blocking is for being mindful. You know when you’re on Instagram and 10 minutes goes by really fast? The opposite happens when I’m trying to be calm or mindful, the 10 minutes goes by really slow, but sometimes I feel like that’s what I need. So the small block of time helps me be faithful to the full 10 minutes.

I also do this with exercise. If I’m at the gym on an exercise bike I’ll tell myself, “I’m going to hit this for 10 minutes.” I really love using my watch throughout the day to set little goals and intentions for myself AND hit it. You’d be shocked to discover that the more you do this the more you build trust in yourself. And the more you do this the more you realize that when you want to do something you CAN do it. I don’t know about you but I can do almost anything for ten minutes. I can say, “You know what, I don’t want to do this but I know it’s good for me so this is what I’m going to do for 10 minutes.” Often, even if it takes longer than 10 minutes, once you’re able to get over the 10 minute hump you’re usually able to finish the task.

My Two Favorite Watches:

  1. My favorite watch is the Timex Weekender. I usually get the men’s version, which is about $30. These are durable watches with a light up feature that I’ve used as a flashlight. The company’s customer service is great. I broke my watch early on and when I sent it in they replaced it. Timex has interchangeable wristbands, which makes them fun to customize and express your personality. My favorite wristband with this watch was found on Etsy — check the video to see what it looked like.
  2. Casio, which can be found anywhere from Amazon to Target for $10. I love the Casio because it’s super lightweight, which is great for when I work out. These are also really durable and waterproof.

Be sure to pick a watch that fits your personality!

Closing Thoughts:

Those are the three ways to make your week more productive and mindful with your watch.

If you’re a business owner or dream about having your own online business and are looking for support to make your time count, I’d love for you to join my FREE challenge that I’m hosting. “My Profitable Dream Week” will help you know exactly how to spend your time so that you can hit your big income goals even, if you only want to work 20 hours a week or less. Click here to join My Profitable Dream Week Challenge.

And I’d love to hear from you in the comments of these 3 tips, which are you going to try first? I’d love to hear it!

3 Steps to Staying Fully Booked

My story.

Flash back to September 2015.

I was 3 months into starting a new niche in my online business.

6 months pregnant.

I made I big goal.

I knew I wanted to quit my job and go ALL THE HECK in on my business.

Which was hard.

I loved being a therapist. I was letting go of something “good”.

I knew in order to feel really GOOD about quitting It meant getting fully booked in my business.

Not just once, but twice.

I wanted to finally get fully booked the first time. –and I wanted a sold out practice to return to after my maternity leave.

I wanted to fill my roster with new clients to start in November and with another set of new clients for February.

–and I did it.

With the help of major decisions. Like finally figuring out a way to feel GOOD about selling in my own way and style (instead of just saying yes to the people who reached out to me)

With the help of a coach, and a baby as my deadline, lots of tears, and of course amazing-amazing clients who made “sales” and the actual “coaching” work so ease-filled. (many of whom I am friends with to this day!)

Maybe you’re not about to have a baby.

Maybe you just want to get fully booked once.

Maybe you’re fully booked and don’t know how to stay there without the feast or famine cycles.

I want to share some of my favorite strategies when it comes to filling your final client spaces, getting fully booked and building a waitlist in your business.

STEP 1 // Take a CEO day and decide what “fully booked” means.

While you’re getting clear on the number of spaces you have open and when each of them open up– give yourself permission to brain dump any fears you around both being fully booked and selling advanced spaces.

Fill in the blank.
Once I have a full load of # of clients I’m afraid ______________________
If I sell out # of spaces in advance for next quarter, what if __________________

Get all of your fears out on paper before attempting to troubleshoot.

One of my biggest fears around selling in advance was wondering if people would “wait” to work with me. I was also nervous to see if my plans would change in the future, I didn’t want to let anyone down. I also had never been fully booked yet, so selling in advance seemed out of the picture.

I also see many women judge or second guess their true “fully booked” number as they compare it to others. That’s why the ideal week exercise can be so powerful when determining the number of spaces you truly desire. We must pick a “full” number that fits the lifestyle and version of success we want or we will continually self sabotage– because our brain knows we don’t really want to get there.

STEP 2 // Choose a Strategy

Here are five strategies that can help you do that fully booked happy dance with more ease:

Strategy 1: Get Even Better at Selling. The skill set that makes you an amazing health coach, jewelry designer, website designer or owner of a social media agency is really quite different then the skill set of selling your work. Good news is you’re already a natural at building genuine relationships (that’s feel good sales at it’s finest!) and it’s time to do the mindset work to feel less -icky about it, find the words to articulate what you do in a genuine but magnetic way and practice pitching and sales conversations till they flows.

Strategy 2: Create an Incentive. There many people in your community that resonate with your work– but are waiting for the right timing to work with you. This is why the right incentive can be powerful catalyst to get your dream clients to hop off the fence and experience the transformation you offer. People are busy and it’s okay to bump your offer up in their long to do list. For your remaining spaces, are you prices going up? Is there a special bonus you’d like to offer this round? Think of an incentive that will complement and not complicate the offer.

Strategy 3: Waitlist. Finished a big launch? Just got fully booked? Even though it feels like nobody left in your audience is ready to buy and you’re burned out– WAIT. It’s time to capture the people who want to work with you but later or in a different capacity. Crate a simple landing page and collect names. You can also do this before a program officially opens.

If you’re a service provider and someone inquires personally you can even do a call immediately to build the relationship. “I’d be thrilled to hop on a connection call to get to know you and your business better then I’ll put you’re name on the waitlist and then you’ll be the first to know when my next spot opens”.

Strategy 4: Deposit. If timing is an issue, give your client a chance to lock in your current rates and save an upcoming space in your calendar. Decide the deposit amount and then send over a link. You can even offer an incentive that they will get, like a single session or a tutorial video immediately. In this way your pre-client gets to let go of the mental burden of trying to “find someone” and will often see shifts now that their brain has space to start taking action– the solution is in sight!

Strategy 5: Next Level Offer. Even if your current offer is sold out, give them another opportunity to work with you. They may be willing to pay more, or be flexible with a different arrangement if they don’t want to wait. For example, if you’re a VA with done for your services, your pre-client may hire you for a single strategy session to get them started on their social media strategy.

STEP 3 // Commit to Staying Consistent with Simple Marketing

The further along you are in business the more committed you must be to keeping your marketing simple, courageous and effective.

Resist the urge to overcomplicate in the name of automation and scaling.

Remember– the point of marketing is to connect your powerful work with the humans who need it. END OF STORY.

Do you know the 1-3 actions that you need to do daily or weekly to sell in your business and create continuous forward momentum? I call these Momentum Actions.

The point is not to have a huge social following or the perfect website or a flawless funnel. At the start you might have realized this when you signed your first 3 clients without a website, or from a referral, or just by genuinely connecting in a facebook group.

t’s important to really KNOW what is working in your business and doing more of it. Improving and scale one thing at a time.

I recommend CEO Assessment A if you need help getting clarity around what is working that you can streamline and what most need to shift.

Closing Thoughts:

Really it was my incoming infant that made clarity, strategy and simplicity in filling my practice straight forward. But honestly, it was still a mindset battle!

Decisions and lack of clarity can keep us stuck.

I don’t want you to make the mistake of not getting FULL to the end and learning to sustaining your client load so that you can move on to growing and scaling other parts of your business.

Even if you don’t feel ready yet, create waitlist or deposit strategy to help motivate you to fill your current spaces. It cues your mind to know that you’re in it for sustainable success, you’re not going to ‘squirrel’ off onto another idea and you are *certain* that you will get fully booked.

I know it will happen for you too <3