Why obsessing with “automation” is hurting your business (and 3 ways to “leverage” your time)

Why obsessing with “automation” is hurting your business (and 3 ways to “leverage” your time)

What’s in this video:

2:06 — How to know when you’re NOT ready to focus on automation
4:07 — What I do INSTEAD of automation that works for me
5:35 — What to focus on as a newbie before you worry about leveraging
6:40 — How to leverage your visibility
8:20 — An easy way to magnify your content
13:15 — The first step to reaching your dream clients (before you leverage your content)
14:41 — How to leverage your time with your pre-clients
19:19 — Leveraging your time when serving your clients
21:04 — How I plan to make more money while working less in 2018
26: 59 — What’s next when it comes to leveraging your time in your business
27:56 — What to do if you feel like it’s a season to leverage your time better

Resources mentioned:

5 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Core Offer

There may be 5 mistakes you’re making with your core offer. In this video we will discuss what those are and how to land on the perfect one for you AND your clients!

2:56 The #1 mistake people make with their core offer
4:05 My amazing hand-drawn chart and how to find your niche
5:10 The 80% rule for making decisions about your business
6:51 Why passion isn’t the only thing to think about (and what else to include)
8:23 How to test your ideas to see if they’re sellable
9:47 Why people aren’t buying your core offer
11:20 What might be missing in your sales process
15:48 The Client Map in action (LIVE Coaching)

Free tool to help you flow more clients TO your core offer here >>> www.annafrandsen.com/clientmap

6 Things I Learned the First 16 Months in My Business

Lesson #1 My business does not define me.
Lesson #2 I can sell and serve and be in integrity.
Lesson #3 I’m a high touch, deep value, relationship-driven business owner.
Lesson #4 I can give and receive in my business.
Lesson #5 It’s not my job to make people happy all the time.
Lesson #6 I can embrace that this is an imperfect process.
What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned thus far in your business?

The Power of Group Work (continued…)

Pull ten women together, charge ’em a little money and BOOM you’re off running with your powerful work. …not so fast 😉

In last week’s blog post I shared the FIVE gifts that doing group work gives your business
http://www.annafrandsen.com/power-of-group-work/ ] …but I also want to share the reality of getting to that powerful place.

All that I shared it true, and RUNNING a group usually means more time per hour spent, BUT it’s also important to remember that selling the group can be more of a challenge. Much of your work on the “group” will go into filling it up!

Here’s my top THREE tips for filling your group

1. RESEARCH… Validate that the topic (and the actual title/messaging) is resonating with real humans in your audience. The beauty of doing 1:1 work first is you’ll know exactly what your audience is needing and how to walk them through it.

2. REALISTIC REACH… take stock of your current audience and amount of pre-clients ready to work with you and make sure the target size of your group matches. You might need to do some audience building and value-giving to prepare for selling your group.

3. READY… be available to show up and sell! People are going to invest in your group program because you’re confidently communicating the value. Your confidence and belief in the work needs to shines through! Doing a combo of private invites and public marketing can be a great way to fill your group.

Which of these three things do you need to focus on to prepare for your next group offer?

The Power of Group Work

Many of you know that I started both of my business with group programs.

…but you may not know why I believe group experiences can be so powerful.

Here are my five FAVORITE things about doing group work in my business.

1) BEING A CONTRIBUTOR :: As Denise Duffield-Thomas says, we don’t have to have the pressure to be the all-knowing expert, we are simply a contributor to the conversation. This is true all the time in our biz, but hosting a group means that I get to especially lean into this role and create a space where everyone is learning AND contributing and getting new nuggets from each other. I always learn too!

2) TIME & IMPACT LEVERAGING :: I get to leverage my hours and create the same amount of income but impact more women in the process!

3) AFFORDABLE & EFFECTIVE :: Group work provides a more economical option for women to work with me, but still is more effective than a non-interactive course where there is low interaction or accountability.

4) GROUP MAGIC :: In whatever capacity, I think there is something special when you pull a group of like-minded women together in a space. You deliver what you’ve promised, but there are always secondary benefits like the friendships that are formed in the process.

5) REAL LIFE CASE STUDIES :: There’s nothing that’s more effective than seeing your concepts, teaching and material applied in real time with real humans. As group members are coached/taught by you and as they start to apply and process the info- they are teaching the other members who are observing in a powerful and digest-able way.

Those are my five favorite things about group work and experiences whether it’s a group workshop, a group program, an in-person experience etc.

Do you want to run a group in the next year?

Let me know below what your favorite thing about group work is.

That Special Spark Series – Reina Pomeroy

Reina runs a life and business success coaching practice at Reina & Co., where she supports creative entrepreneurs to put their skills and talents into the world. She helps visionaries focus on what’s most important so they can take action and be the go-to expert in their industry.

Reina’s leveraged her secret sauce by creating the Social Glue Method, where she encourages entrepreneurs to make meaningful connections with other business owners. She also helps business owners hone in on what makes them stand out with her “Verticals” approach, a super simple system for organizing your messaging. Reina points out that the key piece of unlocking your special spark is realizing that there is no competition.

Join us for the rest of the series and download your free Spark Chart to help you uncover more of your special spark and leverage it in your business to attract clients and stand out from the crowd.

Heart Centered Biz Bosses Community
Social Glue Freebie
Verticals Freebie
The Heart Centered Entrepreneur Community

That Special Spark Series – Nikki Elledge Brown

I had such a refreshing conversation with Nikki Elledge Brown. Nikki started her business four years ago helping entrepreneurs communicate their message effectively. She worked 1:1 with 100 people in her first summer in business and then created her signature course, A Course About Copy, to help people write their website copy in a way that feels true to them. Now, she runs a podcast, Naptime Empires, where she has a conversation on the realities of balancing entrepreneurship and parenthood.

Nikki uncovered her special spark during her early morning journaling sessions. She realized she had to share her strengths with the world and make a bigger impact.This year, in addition to her podcast launch, Nikki created a mastermind for women to share their experiences and learn how to navigate parenting and entrepreneurship together.

Join us for the rest of the series and download your free Spark Chart to help you uncover more of your special spark and leverage it in your business to attract clients and stand out from the crowd.

Nikki Elledge Brown
Naptime Empires
A Course About Copy

The Heart Centered Entrepreneur Community

That Special Spark Interview Series: Lacey Craig

It was so much fun to chat with Lacey in person during our time in Boston together. Lacey is a business and success coach at A Lit Up Life. Her special spark is being willing to do things differently and execute on innovative ideas in her business.

One way Lacey honed in on her special spark was creating her MSE framework (Mindset, Strategy, Execution) that helped explain what she does and how clients can work with her. Doing this helped her get clarity on what set her apart without putting herself in a box.

Join us for the rest of the series and download your free Spark Chart to help you uncover more of your special spark and leverage it in your business to attract clients and stand out from the crowd.

The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur Community
The Heart Centered Entrepreneur Community


How to Get Unstuck in Your Business

Lately I’ve struggled to feel inspired — even though I made dreaming a priority by scheduling it. Yet something was blocking me from the inspired idea that I knew I was capable of.


Maybe you’ve been there too. You’ve gotten caught up in the daily tasks of business that feel overwhelming, frustrated with the industry or some of the people you’ve seen doing things that feel out of alignment with your values, or even just coming back in after the ease of summertime.


But I did something this week that unblocked everything for me and opened me up to a new space of inspiration and excitement for my business. I share all about it in this video where you’ll learn …


  • The #1 way I create space in my brain and business
  • When I get most inspired (and how you can too)
  • How I can help you get unstuck in your business too



Join us for the free 3-day challenge >>> www.annafrandsen.com/engagementparty

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Six powerful questions to find your special spark

This week I want you to answer six powerful questions to help you boost your business by getting really clear on what makes you distinct. With that clarity comes confidence, so you can be bold at shining your light! The world needs it.


You can get the full worksheet here >>> www.annafrandsen.com/spark


I’ll go first. Here’s my answer to the first two.


One of my greatest strengths


1. One of my greatest strengths is… I am, by nature a radical optimist.


I’ve always seen the bright side- without having to force it.


I truly believe that this helps me leverage my current resources and boosts me quicker into the next season.


There’s no one right way, and when I play to my strengths (and help my clients play to theirs) I’m able to create success that I can sustain without the burnout- ’cause I’m doing it my way (and helping my client’s do it theirs).


Being positive has it’s downsides too. It makes change hard because I naturally am grateful and see the best of my present circumstances.


But I am grateful for this gift. I truly feel like it helps me as a coach see the good in others, and hear what their heart is speaking even when they can’t hear or see it for themselves.


Hope and confidence DOES have to come from within, my clients have to have that belief within themselves that their success is inevitable- but, I believe that they can borrow my true and genuine belief in them till their mind catches up 🙂


Your turn, let me know in the comments- what’s one of your greatest biz strengths? 


A skill I am proud of


2. A challenge I have overcome… is at the start of my business is starting it while I had a day-job and was pregnant with my second little one.


This one was really hard for me to answer because I really feel fortunate to not have had a ton of challenges (but I think that’s my positivity speaking up 😉


I feel like the challenge of having limited hours to build my business really helped me grow it in a lean and focused way.


It forced me to really show up in the few hours I had, to be decisive and take risks (even though I’m not a risk taker by nature), to work in advance (even creating six months of content so I could take a maternity leave), and prove that I could create a relationship-driven, heart-centered business even while working 2-3 days per week.


What’s a challenge you have overcome, and how has it shaped you for the better? 


Don’t forget to download all six questions so you can embrace and leverage your unique gifts in your business. Get the free worksheet here >>> annafrandsen.com/spark