The Perfect Sales to Value Ratio


What’s the ratio of “value” to “sales” posts that you think is right for social media?



I think this video will help you land on the number that’s just-right and EFFECTIVE for you in converting your audience into paying clients.

(and it might be more than you think, but I tell you how to do it in a way that feels good)

THREE core types of visibility that help you convert online with ease

Visibility Truth.

Are you looking for support around being visible online? Lately I’ve heard from women who are stuck taking the first step to being visible or struggle with getting in front of the right audience and/or showing up consistently. Whether you are looking to take the first step or uplevel your visibility, I have one question that will help you move forward.

The way to sustain your visibility online is to know your content personality type. Before I ask the key question, I want you to think about what’s keeping you stuck. Is there something about showing up online, being visible, that feels unnatural to you? Can you identify what is keeping you stuck?

We all encounter visibility blocks, years later I still have them. They just look different. So before you start to think, “I need to learn a new system or strategy to get visible online,” I want you to answer one question. Because I believe if you’re reading this then you only need a few small tweaks to uplevel your visibility.

Key Question: Which skill comes natural to you? Think about your everyday life and pick the one that fits.

  1. Listening
  2. Coaching/Teaching
  3. Leading

Ask yourself which of these three things naturally happens when you’re in a room. Has anyone ever said you’re a great listener? Do you find yourself giving tips and advice to friends and family? If you hear about a movie or use a great product do you tell people about it?

What’s your content creation superpower?

>>If you are naturally good at listening, your content superpower is creating engagement online.

>>If you are naturally good at teaching/coaching then value posts are your jam. Top tips, what you’re learning, how to get a breakthrough where you’re stuck

>>If you said leading then you naturally hop on over to sales.

Knowing your Content Personality Type, aka superpower, provides a starting point for your visibility. Instead of focusing on where to improve, lean into your strength as you take steps to be visible for the first time or commit to showing up consistently.

In addition to knowing your superpower, understanding the Engagement Funnel is another key to confidently showing up online. There are 4 Phases in the Engagement Funnel. I’ll walk you through it from beginning to end so you have a picture of how the engagement process will look.

Level 1: Engagement (Listening)

Think about meeting someone at a party, how do you usually interact when meeting new people? Usually a handful of “get to know you” questions and answers.

Use that same style to create valuable engagement online. Become curious about the subject matter, ask people questions and listen to their answers. You provide value by responding to their answers and inviting them to ask you questions.

Catch their eye, get them to slow their scroll.

  • What’s your biz?
  • What are your passionate about?
  • Where do you live?  
  • What questions do you have for me today?

Level 2 + 3: Value through Authority + Authenticity (Teaching/Coaching) 

How do we provide value online with our visibility? Through Authority and Authenticity.

Authority involves giving tips and teaching.

Authenticity is sharing parts of your story.

You know this is your superpower if you are compelled to teach something even as you are learning it.

Level 4: Selling (Leading)

It’s important to note right away that selling does not always involve a paid offer. In fact, it is just as vital to sell your free offers as is your paid. Some examples are sales calls, joining an email list, engaging in a LIVE show, etc.

One key to selling that feels good is communicating the value they will receive by watching your video, subscribing to your emails, etc.

Types of content for selling: Testimonials, share offer, promote potential results. Be sure to pick a watch that fits your personality!

Closing Thoughts:

The Engagement Funnel kinda goes in order and sort of does not. If you are starting out or feeling stuck, I encourage you to use the model as a guide but don’t overthink it. Ideally you are doing each of these phases in your business every week because people in your audience are at different stages of getting to know you. Someone will be meeting you for the first time the same week as another person who is ready to partner with you and purchase a program/product.

This funnel is a natural way to build relationships and it will feel good.

Now that you have the natural content style identified, embrace it. Own it. Rock it.

Make sure you know what’s at the end of your engagement funnel. Be visible with intention. Maybe your goal isn’t to sell something – it’s to build your audience, grow confident online. All content should be written with what you’re selling in mind.

Ready for support to uplevel your Visibility in ALL of these areas? Click here to join the Visible Impact Waitlist. And I’d love to hear from you in the comments of these 3 superpowers, which is yours naturally? I’d love to hear it!

3 Watch Hacks to Boost Your Business

My story.

In 2016 when I had my second child I started doing something different when it comes to managing my time.

I started wearing a watch –and it’s been a game changer these past two years!

Today, I’m going to share 3 of my favorite time-hacks with you so that you can be more productive in your life and in your business this week.

My 3 favorite tricks that I use to make the most of my watch are

TIP #1 // Put the Phone Down 

Wearing my phone helps me check my phone for the time (and get sucked down the social media rabbit hole) way less. The trick here is you HAVE to put your phone away. If you’re consistently wearing a watch but also keep your phone in front of you then, out of habit, you’ll just check the phone for the time. And let’s be honest, what happens when we check our phone to see what time it is? We get distracted. At least I do. All of a sudden I’m scrolling on Instagram, and I’m like, “What am I here for? Oh yeah. I was just checking the time.”

It’s important to wear your watch but also to put your phone on timeout. In order to be more focused and not get distracted on your phone by using it to check the time, I suggest you put it somewhere out of sight, out of mind. I have different spots where I keep my phone and my favorite is to put it on the mantel right when I walk into my house. Don’t hesitate to put your phone on timeout.

Since I’ve done this it’s really helped me feel more in charge of my day and my time because I decide when to go on my phone and use it to make a call, check Facebook, whatever I may want to do. Instead of feeling like my phone is infringing on my schedule. It’s also why I keep all my notifications turned off, all the time, except for my texts and calls. Alerts feel like an interruption and for the last two years I’ve enjoyed deciding when I want to use my phone.

TIP #2 // Quick Breathing Exercise 

I can hear the ticking on my watch and I love using the sound in order to guide my breathing exercise. At least once a day I do a breathing exercise. If I’m feeling overwhelmed or unfocused or frustrated it really helps me to move past the moment by returning to my breath in a really mindful way. Usually when I start this I breath in for 3 seconds (1 – 2 – 3) then out for 3 seconds (1 – 2- 3). My breathing may be shallow if I’m stressed or frustrated. Then I’ll close my eyes, take in deeper breaths focused on the tummy area and ribs.

Honestly, when I start it’s hard to breath in for 3 seconds and out for 3 seconds but I will do this a few times until I can get to 12. If you think I’m crazy and you’re like, “How can you breathe in for 12 seconds?” Trust me, just practice. If you give yourself a minute or two to do it you’ll find how easy it is to start controlling your breath, to breath slower and deeper in your belly.

By the time I get to twelve I feel like I’m basically floating in the ocean. I feel relaxed. I feel mindful. When I’m stressed I usually think, “I don’t have time for a breathing exercise,” but I do it anyway. Afterward I feel so much better and my thinking is clearer. I know it’s simple but it has been a game changer when I’m not in a good head space in my life or in my business.

TIP #3 // Micro Time Blocking 

I’m sure you have heard of time blocking before, this is the mini version. It helps me get way more done in my life and in my business, especially when there’s something I want to procrastinate on. While time blocking is usually 1 or 2 hours dedicated to one thing without interruption, micro time blocking is a very small amount of time throughout the day. How it works: I’ll look at my watch and tell myself I’m going to do this ONE thing, whatever this thing is, for 10 minutes. It can be something like the dishes and I’m not in the mood to do them. So I tell myself, “You’re going to take 10 minutes to do the dishes.” Another example, in my business, is interacting on social media or engaging on Facebook but I don’t want to get sucked in or I’m not in the mood. I’ll tell myself, “Ok, ten minutes, how many people can I engage with and connect with and encourage on social media?”

Another way I use micro time blocking is for being mindful. You know when you’re on Instagram and 10 minutes goes by really fast? The opposite happens when I’m trying to be calm or mindful, the 10 minutes goes by really slow, but sometimes I feel like that’s what I need. So the small block of time helps me be faithful to the full 10 minutes.

I also do this with exercise. If I’m at the gym on an exercise bike I’ll tell myself, “I’m going to hit this for 10 minutes.” I really love using my watch throughout the day to set little goals and intentions for myself AND hit it. You’d be shocked to discover that the more you do this the more you build trust in yourself. And the more you do this the more you realize that when you want to do something you CAN do it. I don’t know about you but I can do almost anything for ten minutes. I can say, “You know what, I don’t want to do this but I know it’s good for me so this is what I’m going to do for 10 minutes.” Often, even if it takes longer than 10 minutes, once you’re able to get over the 10 minute hump you’re usually able to finish the task.

My Two Favorite Watches:

  1. My favorite watch is the Timex Weekender. I usually get the men’s version, which is about $30. These are durable watches with a light up feature that I’ve used as a flashlight. The company’s customer service is great. I broke my watch early on and when I sent it in they replaced it. Timex has interchangeable wristbands, which makes them fun to customize and express your personality. My favorite wristband with this watch was found on Etsy — check the video to see what it looked like.
  2. Casio, which can be found anywhere from Amazon to Target for $10. I love the Casio because it’s super lightweight, which is great for when I work out. These are also really durable and waterproof.

Be sure to pick a watch that fits your personality!

Closing Thoughts:

Those are the three ways to make your week more productive and mindful with your watch.

If you’re a business owner or dream about having your own online business and are looking for support to make your time count, I’d love for you to join my FREE challenge that I’m hosting. “My Profitable Dream Week” will help you know exactly how to spend your time so that you can hit your big income goals even, if you only want to work 20 hours a week or less. Click here to join My Profitable Dream Week Challenge.

And I’d love to hear from you in the comments of these 3 tips, which are you going to try first? I’d love to hear it!

3 Steps to Staying Fully Booked

My story.

Flash back to September 2015.

I was 3 months into starting a new niche in my online business.

6 months pregnant.

I made I big goal.

I knew I wanted to quit my job and go ALL THE HECK in on my business.

Which was hard.

I loved being a therapist. I was letting go of something “good”.

I knew in order to feel really GOOD about quitting It meant getting fully booked in my business.

Not just once, but twice.

I wanted to finally get fully booked the first time. –and I wanted a sold out practice to return to after my maternity leave.

I wanted to fill my roster with new clients to start in November and with another set of new clients for February.

–and I did it.

With the help of major decisions. Like finally figuring out a way to feel GOOD about selling in my own way and style (instead of just saying yes to the people who reached out to me)

With the help of a coach, and a baby as my deadline, lots of tears, and of course amazing-amazing clients who made “sales” and the actual “coaching” work so ease-filled. (many of whom I am friends with to this day!)

Maybe you’re not about to have a baby.

Maybe you just want to get fully booked once.

Maybe you’re fully booked and don’t know how to stay there without the feast or famine cycles.

I want to share some of my favorite strategies when it comes to filling your final client spaces, getting fully booked and building a waitlist in your business.

STEP 1 // Take a CEO day and decide what “fully booked” means.

While you’re getting clear on the number of spaces you have open and when each of them open up– give yourself permission to brain dump any fears you around both being fully booked and selling advanced spaces.

Fill in the blank.
Once I have a full load of # of clients I’m afraid ______________________
If I sell out # of spaces in advance for next quarter, what if __________________

Get all of your fears out on paper before attempting to troubleshoot.

One of my biggest fears around selling in advance was wondering if people would “wait” to work with me. I was also nervous to see if my plans would change in the future, I didn’t want to let anyone down. I also had never been fully booked yet, so selling in advance seemed out of the picture.

I also see many women judge or second guess their true “fully booked” number as they compare it to others. That’s why the ideal week exercise can be so powerful when determining the number of spaces you truly desire. We must pick a “full” number that fits the lifestyle and version of success we want or we will continually self sabotage– because our brain knows we don’t really want to get there.

STEP 2 // Choose a Strategy

Here are five strategies that can help you do that fully booked happy dance with more ease:

Strategy 1: Get Even Better at Selling. The skill set that makes you an amazing health coach, jewelry designer, website designer or owner of a social media agency is really quite different then the skill set of selling your work. Good news is you’re already a natural at building genuine relationships (that’s feel good sales at it’s finest!) and it’s time to do the mindset work to feel less -icky about it, find the words to articulate what you do in a genuine but magnetic way and practice pitching and sales conversations till they flows.

Strategy 2: Create an Incentive. There many people in your community that resonate with your work– but are waiting for the right timing to work with you. This is why the right incentive can be powerful catalyst to get your dream clients to hop off the fence and experience the transformation you offer. People are busy and it’s okay to bump your offer up in their long to do list. For your remaining spaces, are you prices going up? Is there a special bonus you’d like to offer this round? Think of an incentive that will complement and not complicate the offer.

Strategy 3: Waitlist. Finished a big launch? Just got fully booked? Even though it feels like nobody left in your audience is ready to buy and you’re burned out– WAIT. It’s time to capture the people who want to work with you but later or in a different capacity. Crate a simple landing page and collect names. You can also do this before a program officially opens.

If you’re a service provider and someone inquires personally you can even do a call immediately to build the relationship. “I’d be thrilled to hop on a connection call to get to know you and your business better then I’ll put you’re name on the waitlist and then you’ll be the first to know when my next spot opens”.

Strategy 4: Deposit. If timing is an issue, give your client a chance to lock in your current rates and save an upcoming space in your calendar. Decide the deposit amount and then send over a link. You can even offer an incentive that they will get, like a single session or a tutorial video immediately. In this way your pre-client gets to let go of the mental burden of trying to “find someone” and will often see shifts now that their brain has space to start taking action– the solution is in sight!

Strategy 5: Next Level Offer. Even if your current offer is sold out, give them another opportunity to work with you. They may be willing to pay more, or be flexible with a different arrangement if they don’t want to wait. For example, if you’re a VA with done for your services, your pre-client may hire you for a single strategy session to get them started on their social media strategy.

STEP 3 // Commit to Staying Consistent with Simple Marketing

The further along you are in business the more committed you must be to keeping your marketing simple, courageous and effective.

Resist the urge to overcomplicate in the name of automation and scaling.

Remember– the point of marketing is to connect your powerful work with the humans who need it. END OF STORY.

Do you know the 1-3 actions that you need to do daily or weekly to sell in your business and create continuous forward momentum? I call these Momentum Actions.

The point is not to have a huge social following or the perfect website or a flawless funnel. At the start you might have realized this when you signed your first 3 clients without a website, or from a referral, or just by genuinely connecting in a facebook group.

t’s important to really KNOW what is working in your business and doing more of it. Improving and scale one thing at a time.

I recommend CEO Assessment A if you need help getting clarity around what is working that you can streamline and what most need to shift.

Closing Thoughts:

Really it was my incoming infant that made clarity, strategy and simplicity in filling my practice straight forward. But honestly, it was still a mindset battle!

Decisions and lack of clarity can keep us stuck.

I don’t want you to make the mistake of not getting FULL to the end and learning to sustaining your client load so that you can move on to growing and scaling other parts of your business.

Even if you don’t feel ready yet, create waitlist or deposit strategy to help motivate you to fill your current spaces. It cues your mind to know that you’re in it for sustainable success, you’re not going to ‘squirrel’ off onto another idea and you are *certain* that you will get fully booked.

I know it will happen for you too <3

What’s the issue?

Just posted in a mastermind group that I’m in about something challenge I’ve been facing (non-biz related this time).
I was asking for ADVICE.


But one of my mastermind sisters PMed me with a long message and instead NORMALIZED what I’m experiencing, affirmed me and sent me back on my way.
I cried a few healing tears and while the issue is still there it feels like so much more of a non-issue.


–which means it will probably ease up shortly.


I find that it’s usually not the issues we face but it’s the ISSUE we make about the issue.


Does that make sense?


Whatever you’re experiencing in your biz: a difficult client, falling out of being consistent with your visibility, not meeting a big goal, lack of inspiration, questioning everything, comparing yourself to others who have it all together.


It’s normal.


You’re normal.


Reach out to a friend (or post in here).


–and most importantly, HANG THE HECK IN THERE.


XX Anna

Realigning When You’re Working with Non-Ideal Clients {heart centered business success show episode 10}

Please join me in welcoming Rebekah Federowicz to this session of the Heart-Centered Business Success Show!


Rebekah is the founder of You Are Well, a virtual wellness company that helps women stuck in the traps of dieting and band-aid health care discover a simple and enjoyable approach to being fully well.



Show Notes //


0:15 Meet Rebekah, Founder of You Are Well

0:47 How she went from brick and mortar to online business

2:08 The difference between working with non-ideal and ideal clients

4:40 How to know the difference between the two

8:08 Finding clarity around YOUR ideal client

10:34 How she was able to empathize and speak to her clients better

14:12 Her biggest #heartcenteredproblem and how she overcomes it

17:17 Where to find Rebekah + snag her free resources


Find out more about Rebekah and her powerful work right here:


There are so many ways for you to show up and make an impact online, so this year I’m featuring stories from women just like you– women who have big hearts, big goals, #heartcenteredproblems and have overcome the odds to succeed on their own terms.


If you were inspired by Rebekah’s story and are ready to connect with your next client, download my first to full checklist and stay updated when the next show releases here:

Finding Your Unique Message + Process {heart centered business success show episode 9}

Please join me in welcoming Emily Grabatin to this session of the Heart-Centered Business Success Show!


Emily is a Calling and Purpose Coach.



Show Notes //


0:36 Meet Emily, Calling and Purpose Coach

1:27 How she started on the path to her business

4:37 Her transformation into her own purpose

7:50 What coaching REALLY is

9:51 The real meaning of purpose

10:50 How she found her unique message + 7 step framework

14:53 How she got her first client

17:24 Her biggest #heartcenteredproblem + how she overcomes it

20:05 Where to find Emily online + snag her freebie


Find out more about Emily and her powerful work right here:


There are so many ways for you to show up and make an impact online, so this year I’m featuring stories from women just like you– women who have big hearts, big goals, #heartcenteredproblems and have overcome the odds to succeed on their own terms.


If you were inspired by Emily’s story and are ready to connect with your next client, download my first to full checklist and stay updated when the next show releases here:

18 Successful CEO’s Share their Biggest Sabotages (and Shifts!)

Ready to fully step into the CEO role of your business? I get it, sometimes we have fears and sabotages that get in the way. I’ve asked 18 of my favorite CEO sisters to share their biggest fears and the shifts that have helped them find breakthrough.

THEY ARE SO GOOD and had me saying, “yes. yes. YES!” as I compiled them. Ready below to get inspired (and feel normal!), then comment with the biggest sabotage you have overcome.

If you haven’t joined the waitlist yet for my newest freebie that will help you with the systems and structure to scale your life and business to the next level without the burnout, sign up for “CEO Central” here.

Brianna Wilkerson, Holistic Health and Life Coach | Essential Oils Advocate

Sabotage: Who am I to be “paid money” for my coaching services? How do I really help people?

Shift: Not only do I consistently show up and serve my tribe/community and my clients/customers with my time and knowledge, I’m always thinking of how to serve them better and make shifts in my own life to do so. Therefore, because of the value I give I deserve to receive value (in the form of money) in return.

Learn more about Brianna and her work

Jess Garay, Soul Coach

Sabotage: Who am I to use my coaching business as sole income for my family and release my safe + secure job?

Shift:  Shifting into business fully allows me to do the work that lights me up + makes a large impact for the world around me. When I trust and release, show up fully and in alignment, magic happens. I am supported. I am safe. I am enough.

Learn more about Jess and her work at

Chantelle Davis-Gray, Web & Brand Designer

Sabotage: Who am I to allow myself “me” time during traditional work hours, that could be spent on my business?

Shift: When I take time to move my body & quiet my mind, my business benefits because I have more compassion and patience with my clients, I find creative solutions faster, and inspiration (for their projects & new services) hits more often! Part of the reason I own my own business is to get to decide when I do what – so it doesn’t help anyone if I don’t take advantage of this.

Learn more about Chantelle and her work at

Maggie Reyes, Life Coach + Marriage Mentor

Sabotage: Who am I to put myself first? Making time for my Self could hurt my business or my relationships.

Shift: Making time for myself doesn’t hurt my business or my marriage – it fuels both of them. Neither my business nor my relationship can fulfill ALL of my needs. It’s up to me to get my needs met – including the need for rest, for fun, for connection and creativity or to talk at length about my very strong feelings about the latest episode of Arrow. 😉 When all my needs are met consistently, I get to show up as my best, brightest, highest self for my husband, for my clients and community and for my Self. Prioritizing self care actually fuels every other area of my life and business and whenever I remember and live into that, I thrive.

Learn more about Maggie and her work at


Patti Haus, Copywriter and Course Launch Strategist

Sabotage: How can I scale my copywriting business without working all the time?

Shift: When I understand my own boundaries, I become more productive and efficient, allowing me to produce better work in less time. Scheduling time to not only work but to enjoy time not working will allow me to better serve my clients with their copy projects. It will also allow me to enjoy some of the reasons why I started my own business, like choosing when I work and working less hours than a traditional 9-5

Learn more about Patti and her work at


Trish Russell, Performance Strategist

Sabotage: What is a social boundary, do I always have to be “on”? I want to build a business and be credible AND bring in money. So, I have to build up my network by meeting, serving and building a relationship with most of the people, if not all the people, who come across my path. Or else I’m failing in my business and personal life.

Shift: Simply, no. I AM called to connect and be polite with each person who comes across my path because I’m a heart-centered human being and care about people. However, when it comes to business, there is a strategy involved to build momentum and maintain consistency as I intentionally engage with those around me. Streamlining my connection process allows me to identify which clients are a great fit right now, say yes to strategic collaborations for both business owners, and strengthen my emotional capacity to be present in my professional and personal life. These systems and processes also allow me to be a positive light to those who come across my path, when appropriate point them in a fruitful direction, never hesitate to follow up next week or months later, and allow natural connections to cultivate over time.

Learn more about Trish and her work at


Casey Lightbody, Business Strategist and Champion for Introverted Women

Sabotage: Who am I to speak on stage/other platforms and share my knowledge? I have nothing uniquely valuable to share and everyone has heard it all before.

Shift: Reframing my thinking outwards rather than inwards has made this shift possible. Sharing my knowledge and expertise is a gift to other introverted women walking the entrepreneurial path because I’ve walked and continue to walk it myself and my own experiences, values and beliefs give a different perspective not offered anywhere else.

Learn more about Casey and her work at


Maggie Giele, Msc. Business and Marketing Strategist

Sabotage: Fear and anxiety

Shift: I stayed stuck in fear for too long, terrified of what it would mean to take the leap. My examples were both concrete (fear of flying and driving) and intangible (what would it mean if this launch fails). I’ve never been one for mindset or anything woo-woo, but I caught myself saying to someone “I’m scared of flying” one too many times. I realised that’s why the fear and anxiety had been getting worse – by repeating those statements, in my thoughts and out loud to others, I was reinforcing that fear and giving it weight.

The moment I realised this, I actively started shifting my thoughts. “I can’t wait till I’m in LA, so I have to fly there!” and “when I can drive by myself, I’ll have so much more freedom!”. I took signed up for driving refresher lessons and booked a solo trip to LA, from Amsterdam. Breaking through these barriers also had positive impact in my business – hiring a Chief Operations Officer, setting up systems, letting go of control of certain processes, and stepping into my own CEO shoes.

Learn more about Maggie and her work at:


Melissa Ronda, Certified Nutritionist, Owner of The Honest Weigh

Sabotage: Holding emotional space for others

Shift: I am working on an onboarding process.  I will stick to the process and expect the same from all of my clients.  I will work when I am at my desk. I will not work when I am away from my desk.  I will focus on income producing activities instead of mindlessly checking Facebook.

Learn more about Melissa and her work at


Caitlin Howard, Business Mentor & Strategist

Sabotage: Who am I to help women start and grow their businesses?

Shift: I don’t have to know EVERYTHING to help women get started and gain momentum. When this comes up for me, I try to remember the positive feedback I have received from the women I have helped, as well as the experience I have that does qualify me to be a resource.

Learn more about Caitlin and her work at


Christa Conn, Business Strategist & Support Specialist

Sabotage: Who am I to want more?!? I feel guilty wanting more when I already have so much!

Shift: I think guilt is really common for entrepreneurs. And it unfortunately keeps us from setting goals we truly and deeply desire.

When I think about all the blessings I already have compared to those struggling – the guilt creeps in and I want to stay small and just make the income I need to work from home, run my business, and support my family. But when I drop all of the guilt, I know I have HUGE, crazy big dreams of more and that wanting more comes from something much deeper than a number in the bank account, a bigger house, or more time to travel.

I want more, so that I can take my entire family on a week long vacation to the Caribbean and let them live it up without worry. And so I can send my kids to whatever school or activity or pursuit they have, so they can see their dreams come true too! And so that I can donate to grant wishes for suffering children whose families just can’t grant their wishes. So I can help my friends and family whenever they need it. So that I can serve as many women as possible chasing their entrepreneurial dream!!

When I think about everything I could do with MORE – with true financial freedom, it brings me to my knees! Because it’s not about the more, it’s about the WHY. Focus on why you want more and shift the guilt into a mindset of service.

Learn more about Christa and her work at


Janelle Jai, Transformational Life and Health Coach for Mid-life Women

Sabotage: Who am I to think I can help others when I still have my messes?

Shift: The quickest way to change beliefs is to reframe. Reframing is changing the meaning of an experience or event by putting another frame around it. This causes us see things differently. It offers a new, more empowering interpretation that paves the way to come into greater rapport with ourselves. When we change the meaning we often change our feelings about what is being framed. Something that used to feel negative can instantly feel positive when reframed.  Sometimes this is all we need to change a belief and sometime deeper belief work is what we need. My reframes for this are: Who am I not to? What if your messes are a contribution? We are all works of progress. We are never finished but evolving. What if where you’re at is just perfect?


Learn more about Janelle and her work at


Angie Martin, Certified Life Purpose Coach

Sabotage: Who Am I to call myself an EXPERT – as a coach and working with fellow moms?

Shift: I am a trained and certified life coach.  I have hundreds of hours of training and coaching, even if I have only been officially open for business for about a year.  I am also a mom of two, in the trenches, but with the added training and personal development that puts me a few steps ahead of my clients, and that’s enough.  I am close to their pain, but overcoming it sooner. I am armed with a toolbox full of ways to handle the challenges we are all going through, and I understand what it’s like to still sometimes not be able to use those tools.  As a coach, I also have added insight that can be helpful to my clients as well as pretty awesome active LISTENING skills. My ability to hold space for my clients and intuitively know what questions to ask them so they can find their own answers within, all of that makes me an expert. I’m embracing that word, and intentionally done cringing every time I hear it. Oh and I guess 11 years as a practicing attorney working 1:1 with clients in really difficult situations as their advocate probably also makes me an expert. So yeah, step aside inner critic, and stop sabotaging, will you?  

Learn more about Angie and her work at


 Michelle Meunier, Business Mentor and Confidence Coach

Sabotage: Who am I to coach people when there are so many coaches with more experience than me.

Shift: Other coaches may have more experience but they are not me. I am different and my story is different which means the support and encouragement I offer is unique and important regardless of how similar the strategy may or may not be. Believing this and trusting my worth allows me to confidently support my clients through transformations of their own.

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Lacey Sites, Business Mentor & Success Coach

Sabotage:  “Who am I to have it all?”

Shift: As I’ve grown my business (and started a second with my best friend) and gotten to income levels, client successes, and happiness/fulfillment spaces I didn’t even know were possible I found myself thinking I’d have to sacrifice in other areas. When I started the divorce process last year, I found it easy to self-sabotage with the story that,“SEE! I can’t REALLY have it ALL”. However, what I eventually realized that caused a massive shift for me was that it was actually evidence that I don’t have to settle in ANY area of my life. I get to have and move toward what I want, and keep creating it. In other words, “Who am I NOT to have it all and keep moving toward the things that feel the best to me?” That was a total game-changer, and of course, has massively upleveled my business AND my relationships.

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Tracy May, Coach & Mentor to Preemie Moms

Sabotage: Who am I to think that preemie moms can benefit from what I have to offer.

Shift: I have been called to serve in a way that allows me to leverage my own years of personal experience with prematurity to positively impact the lives of other preemie moms. With prematurity comes isolation, overwhelm, anxiety and fear and I believe I am here to share my story and my experiences to inspire them to begin to embrace their new normal.

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Courtney Raecker, Career Coach & Business Consultant

Sabotage: Paralyzed by fear in my work + life, letting it have way too much power over me.

Shift: The song called “Fear Is A Liar” by Zach Williams is one of the anthems in my heart, soul, and mind these days. Hearing the words of this song in my day-to-day life sounding like “I’m not good enough, not strong enough, not worthy, not loved, not beautiful, and I’ll never be enough. Fear is a liar that will take my breath, stop me in my steps, rob me of rest, and steal my happiness.” I think the shift away from letting that fear win over me and give up was when I started to acknowledge that it was happening and really started to lean into my faith to get me through it. I think acknowledging the presence of fear and that it wasn’t worthy of that power I gave it really helped me move past that paralyzing mindset into a more courageous, empowered mindset and approach to work + life. Now, I wholeheartedly trust “my guide” and feel empowered to boldly take action more than ever before – in all aspects of my life.

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Deanna Carlisle, Career Coach

Sabotage:  “Who am I to continue to pursue my business growth even in a season of personal and financial change where a full-time job might seem the safer more responsible direction”

Shift: Now more than ever my business is a way for me to express myself and use the transformation in my personal life to fuel my business transformation and growth. Growing my business has the potential to give me what I MOST want, more time with my family, flexibility with my time, greater financial resources and impact on others. This season of my life has brought me back to understanding my authentic self and my business is perfectly aligned with that vision – I feel more of who I am and was meant to be when I’m working with my clients then I ever thought I could.

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How to Say Your Best Yes in Business {heart centered business success show episode 8}

Please join me in welcoming Kate McCarthy to this session of the Heart-Centered Business Success Show!


Kate is a Brand Voice Mentor.



Show Notes //


0:05 Meet Kate, Brand Voice Mentor

0:44 How she accidentally started her business

3:34 How she got the courage to charge for her services

5:03 The shift into alignment into the business she has today

6:47 The core of the work she does now

8:05 How she connected with her first client as a Brand Voice Mentor

9:58 How she got over the awkward pause in a sales conversation

12:04 Her biggest #heartcenteredproblem and the truth to overcome it

13:41 How to say your best yes in business — even if it means lots of no’s

17:41 What she does to be ready to say no when she’s tempted not to

18:24 Where to find her online and the free resources she has for you


Find out more about Kate and her powerful work right here:


There are so many ways for you to show up and make an impact online, so this year I’m featuring stories from women just like you– women who have big hearts, big goals, #heartcenteredproblems and have overcome the odds to succeed on their own terms.


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Leveraging Your Network to Grow Your Business {heart centered business success show episode 7}

Please join me in welcoming Brianna Wilkerson to this session of the Heart-Centered Business Success Show!


Brianna is a Holistic Health and Life Coach and she’s sharing about how she uses her community to build her business.


Show Notes //


0:11 Meet Brianna, Holistic Health and Life Coach

1:10 How she got started with her health coaching journey

2:11 Where she continues to find clients today

3:21 How she uses those connections in her community for her business

5:51 How to connect your offer to a person you have a relationship with

6:58 What has been her biggest #heartcenteredproblem

9:26 An affirmation for those starting their health journey

10:33 What to know first when you’re searching for your financial health or purpose

11:15 Where to find her online and the resources to help you


Find out more about Brianna and her powerful work right here:


There are so many ways for you to show up and make an impact online, so this year I’m featuring stories from women just like you– women who have big hearts, big goals, #heartcenteredproblems and have overcome the odds to succeed on their own terms.


If you were inspired by Brianna’s story and are ready to connect with your next client, download my first to full checklist and stay updated when the next show releases here:

If you were inspired by Chantelle’s story and are ready to connect with your next client, download my first to full checklist and stay updated when the next show releases here: