Please join me in welcoming Rebekah Federowicz to this session of the Heart-Centered Business Success Show!


Rebekah is the founder of You Are Well, a virtual wellness company that helps women stuck in the traps of dieting and band-aid health care discover a simple and enjoyable approach to being fully well.



Show Notes //


0:15 Meet Rebekah, Founder of You Are Well

0:47 How she went from brick and mortar to online business

2:08 The difference between working with non-ideal and ideal clients

4:40 How to know the difference between the two

8:08 Finding clarity around YOUR ideal client

10:34 How she was able to empathize and speak to her clients better

14:12 Her biggest #heartcenteredproblem and how she overcomes it

17:17 Where to find Rebekah + snag her free resources


Find out more about Rebekah and her powerful work right here:


There are so many ways for you to show up and make an impact online, so this year I’m featuring stories from women just like you– women who have big hearts, big goals, #heartcenteredproblems and have overcome the odds to succeed on their own terms.


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