Please join me in welcoming Kate McCarthy to this session of the Heart-Centered Business Success Show!


Kate is a Brand Voice Mentor.



Show Notes //


0:05 Meet Kate, Brand Voice Mentor

0:44 How she accidentally started her business

3:34 How she got the courage to charge for her services

5:03 The shift into alignment into the business she has today

6:47 The core of the work she does now

8:05 How she connected with her first client as a Brand Voice Mentor

9:58 How she got over the awkward pause in a sales conversation

12:04 Her biggest #heartcenteredproblem and the truth to overcome it

13:41 How to say your best yes in business — even if it means lots of no’s

17:41 What she does to be ready to say no when she’s tempted not to

18:24 Where to find her online and the free resources she has for you


Find out more about Kate and her powerful work right here:


There are so many ways for you to show up and make an impact online, so this year I’m featuring stories from women just like you– women who have big hearts, big goals, #heartcenteredproblems and have overcome the odds to succeed on their own terms.


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