On today’s live coaching session I had the honor of speaking with Melissa Ronda, Nutritionist, inspirational youtuber and owner of the Honest Weigh. Melissa is in her 4th year of business and she helps busy women ditch diets, stop eating their feelings, and take their power back.

When Melissa entered our coaching session she was feeling stuck and overwhelmed, facing challenges in her business around pricing and growing.   

She was relieved when I let her that these new hurdles and resistance were a sign that she’s at the exciting start of Chapter 2 in her business journey, as stage I like to call newbie CEO phase.

As a self proclaimed “serial DIY-er” Melissa was intimidated by the shift ahead, but we review some evidence and Melissa’s history that shows us that Melissa is more than capable of making some small but key shifts to uplevel her membership site and business.

We talk about the power of doing forgiveness work, correcting uneven energy exchanges with clients, baby steps to outsourcing, and being guilt-free about putting your needs first as the business owner.

On Melissa’s presurvey she said, “I’m ready to grow and grow big. I know I have what it takes”. If you’re in the same boat, ready to grow and uplevel but are feeling a little intimidated to make the leap, I know you’ll be inspired by Melissa’s journey. 

After we wrapped up this call Melissa and I had a candid conversation about the solid business friendships as you uplevel in your business– and if you’re not a member of my free facebook community T H C E, then I invite you to come check it out and join us for free resources, trainings and plenty of new people to connect with great work ethic and big hearts.

Show Notes:

3:30 Growing out of being a “serial DIY-er”

3:55 Expanding into becoming a “newbie CEO”

4:35 Overcoming the fear of change + recalling evidence of Melissa’s courage

7:35 Melissa’s most effective strategy for converting clients

12:10 3-tiers of current membership program

16:15 What Melissa’s been charging per hour + pricing a membership model

18:45 Charging for your time VS. Charing for the value you’re providing

19:35 Finding the amount of money for clients to “buy-in”

21:15 How do deal with clients that “don’t show up”

24:45 “10% of my clients take up 90% of my time”

25:20 How do deal with the weight of the 3 negative Nancy’s in a sea of 400 positive Paula’s

30:05 Permission to not compete with weight watchers

31:29 Homework #1: “Dust and Spit” Forgiveness vs. Journaling Exercises

33:55 “If they knew how much work I poured in to each client…”

34:15 How to stop resenting clients (Spoiler Alert: An accidental uneven energy exchange)

35:55 The #1 thing we do that sabotagues our client’s buying patterns

36:50 The desire to make your services “affordable”

38:50 When and how to break your own pricing rules

39:40 Guilt-free putting your needs first as a business owner

40:15 Homework #2 Baby steps to outsourcing

41:55 Homework #3 “Top 5” Ideal Client Exercise

45:20 Melissa’s action steps moving forward

46:40 Where you can find Melissa and support at www.thehonestweigh.com, her facebook page and her youtube channel

If you’d like personal strategy to support you as you build, grow and scale your business– you can book a strategy session with me at www.annafrandsen.com/strategy.