Lindsey Aleson

Graphic Designer & Tech Strategist

My new clients fit – personality-wise, design-wise, and in the projects that they are seeking. Knowing that we fit so well makes the work more fun” 

Trish Russell

Performance Strategist

“I already had an established business, but I was at a crossroads. I needed something to change, and drastically.”

Kate McCarthy

Brand Voice Mentor

“Anna challenged me in a way that makes me feel capable and courageous. Her gentle leadership allowed me to get more done and make more changes than in any of my previous work.”  

Allie Davis

Business & Mindset Coach

“it’s so important to stay in your lane, figure out what works for you, and take care of you and your business on a holistic level. Anna helps you do that.”

Emma Weise

 Brand Experience Creator

“I stopped pendulum swinging. Having Anna there to keep me accountable helped me to book clients (huge win!) and move into getting really clear in my offerings.”

Jordan Schanda

Founder of ScholarPrep

“I have greater confidence when I made decisions, both in my life and my business. When I make a plan or launch something, there’s less questioning, I can focus on what needs to be done to do it.”

Rachael Kullmann

Infant & Child Sleep Coach

“I started really increasing my income over the course of our work together and learning what works the best for me – and not comparing myself to everyone else. I’ve brought on an employee – another sleep coach – and started to embrace my role as the CEO of my business.”

Hannah Parker

Thyroid Nutrition Coach

“I was spinning my wheels working 120%, 24/7, weekends, evenings… and I knew I needed outside help. It’s been months since our first call, but it feels like it just happened because the shifts happened so deeply.” 

Brianna Wilkerson

Holistic Health & Life Coach

“Coming Soon”

Emily Grabatin

Purpose & Calling Coach

“Coming Soon.” 

Chantelle Davis-Gray

Web & Graphic Designer

*Coming Soon*

Rebekah Fedrowitz

Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Founder of You Are Well

*Coming Soon*

Aoife Mollin

Career Coach

*Coming Soon*

Caitlin Howard

Business Coach

*Coming Soon*

Elisha Halpin

Divine Feminine Power Coach

*Coming Soon*

Danielle Aime

Spiritual Business Mentor & Intuitive Channel

*Coming Soon*