Buying Cues.

“I loved your most recent post and I just shared it with my best friend! Powerful stuff!!”

“Do you offer discounts?” 

“Can we meet so I can pick your brain on this?” 

THESE, my friend– are buying cues. 

–and I can’t tell you how many sales I’ve converted by being willing to take the second move, by actually seeing a message like this as the FIRST MOVE. 

Honestly, I used to be terrified of offering discovery calls to people. Even AFTER they expressed an interest in working with me. 

I didn’t want to be salesy, so I did the opposite and HID. 

As the leader in your biz, it’s okay (and good!) to let people know how they can work with you in a paid capacity. 

You’re not forcing them, you’re just being clear. 

You’re trusting they are a healthy human that can say no. 

–and you’re letting them know that you think they are neat and WANT to work with them too!

What is a buying cue? 

It’s a signal from someone that they may be interested in working with you and learning more about working with you.

What are examples of buying cues? Someone…

  1. is frequently engaging on your free content
  2. is asking for your opinion or wants to “pick your brain” 
  3. tells you that they love your work and recommended it to someone
  4. is repeating back your own messaging to you
  5. is asking for your pricing or other specific details about the service
  6. shares a desire to work together at a later date
  7. shares a concern/objection about your service

So I need to pitch everyone who comments on my stuff? Now, I’m not saying that you need to PITCH every person who comments on your content. What I am saying is that we are so scared of “being salesy” or creating a bad buying experience for someone that we completely ignore ways that our pre-clients are showing genuine interest in our work. So the first step is owning that you can SELL to prospective buyers without making it weird or of disservice. That way when someone asks you, “do you offer discounts”– you’re not offended, but you see it as a serious buying cue! 

Take the first move!

If your intuition is telling you that someone may be feeling drawn to your work– 1) CONNECT. This will give you more information and really is just the good-human thing to do that probably comes natural to you anyway! Ask them about their life/business, where they are most needing support. 2) SELL, but don’t sell your offer. When someone is giving you a buying cue it doesn’t mean that you should share directly about your offer. –and that’s exactly what I used to do. 

Well really, I used to do NO selling and when I sometimes-maybe-got courageous enough to sell I would only “sell” my offer directly.  I didn’t have an intentionally designed “relationship path” or sales strategy. 

When you have an intentionally designed path (some people call it a sales funnel) you don’t need to SELL your paid offer until you’re actually on a sales call or on a fb live at the end of a challenge, ETC. But you do need to “sell” your audience into the next step for them along the path to working with you. Do you have a free resource that would be helpful for them? Tell them how to subscribe to your list! 

Do you have a free call you offer? Tell them about your mini session or discovery call and explain how you would help them move forward where they are stuck. If you don’t know step-by-step how someone goes from visitor to paying customer then make it a priority to find out. (HINT: I can help you with that!) 

Play the Short & Long Game.

Be assertive but patient. I find that most of my clients coming in expect all of their clients to buy on the spot OR they expect their audience to take a long time to make their buying decision. I think we can open our heart to BOTH being true— willing to work with the person that sees our content and is ready to start ASAP and patient for the person that might take half a year to trust us. 

How do I get MORE buying cues?

Short answer is, produce free value/content/visibility that resonates with your audience! The more visible you are with a clear and concise message– the more of you there is to see and resonate with without you even being there with them!

–also as you acknowledge the buying cues that you ARE getting, even if it’s from one person, you will start seeing and getting more as your awareness and the power of your free content increases. Start with where you’re at and care for and connect with your current audience! 

Closing Thoughts:

Ready for more people to START giving you buying cues in the first place? It can be your reality and I’d love to support you personally with improving your visibility + sales process.  I have 1-1 intensive and mentorship space opening up in August so I’m opening up my calendar for a limited number of Discovery Calls. Book a space here to get radical clarity on what you need to increase momentum and cashflow in your business this fall and to see if we’re a good fit for working together! >