Visibility Truth.

Are you looking for support around being visible online? Lately I’ve heard from women who are stuck taking the first step to being visible or struggle with getting in front of the right audience and/or showing up consistently. Whether you are looking to take the first step or uplevel your visibility, I have one question that will help you move forward.

The way to sustain your visibility online is to know your content personality type. Before I ask the key question, I want you to think about what’s keeping you stuck. Is there something about showing up online, being visible, that feels unnatural to you? Can you identify what is keeping you stuck?

We all encounter visibility blocks, years later I still have them. They just look different. So before you start to think, “I need to learn a new system or strategy to get visible online,” I want you to answer one question. Because I believe if you’re reading this then you only need a few small tweaks to uplevel your visibility.

Key Question: Which skill comes natural to you? Think about your everyday life and pick the one that fits.

  1. Listening
  2. Coaching/Teaching
  3. Leading

Ask yourself which of these three things naturally happens when you’re in a room. Has anyone ever said you’re a great listener? Do you find yourself giving tips and advice to friends and family? If you hear about a movie or use a great product do you tell people about it?

What’s your content creation superpower?

>>If you are naturally good at listening, your content superpower is creating engagement online.

>>If you are naturally good at teaching/coaching then value posts are your jam. Top tips, what you’re learning, how to get a breakthrough where you’re stuck

>>If you said leading then you naturally hop on over to sales.

Knowing your Content Personality Type, aka superpower, provides a starting point for your visibility. Instead of focusing on where to improve, lean into your strength as you take steps to be visible for the first time or commit to showing up consistently.

In addition to knowing your superpower, understanding the Engagement Funnel is another key to confidently showing up online. There are 4 Phases in the Engagement Funnel. I’ll walk you through it from beginning to end so you have a picture of how the engagement process will look.

Level 1: Engagement (Listening)

Think about meeting someone at a party, how do you usually interact when meeting new people? Usually a handful of “get to know you” questions and answers.

Use that same style to create valuable engagement online. Become curious about the subject matter, ask people questions and listen to their answers. You provide value by responding to their answers and inviting them to ask you questions.

Catch their eye, get them to slow their scroll.

  • What’s your biz?
  • What are your passionate about?
  • Where do you live?  
  • What questions do you have for me today?

Level 2 + 3: Value through Authority + Authenticity (Teaching/Coaching) 

How do we provide value online with our visibility? Through Authority and Authenticity.

Authority involves giving tips and teaching.

Authenticity is sharing parts of your story.

You know this is your superpower if you are compelled to teach something even as you are learning it.

Level 4: Selling (Leading)

It’s important to note right away that selling does not always involve a paid offer. In fact, it is just as vital to sell your free offers as is your paid. Some examples are sales calls, joining an email list, engaging in a LIVE show, etc.

One key to selling that feels good is communicating the value they will receive by watching your video, subscribing to your emails, etc.

Types of content for selling: Testimonials, share offer, promote potential results. Be sure to pick a watch that fits your personality!

Closing Thoughts:

The Engagement Funnel kinda goes in order and sort of does not. If you are starting out or feeling stuck, I encourage you to use the model as a guide but don’t overthink it. Ideally you are doing each of these phases in your business every week because people in your audience are at different stages of getting to know you. Someone will be meeting you for the first time the same week as another person who is ready to partner with you and purchase a program/product.

This funnel is a natural way to build relationships and it will feel good.

Now that you have the natural content style identified, embrace it. Own it. Rock it.

Make sure you know what’s at the end of your engagement funnel. Be visible with intention. Maybe your goal isn’t to sell something – it’s to build your audience, grow confident online. All content should be written with what you’re selling in mind.

Ready for support to uplevel your Visibility in ALL of these areas? Click here to join the Visible Impact Waitlist. And I’d love to hear from you in the comments of these 3 superpowers, which is yours naturally? I’d love to hear it!