Just posted in a mastermind group that I’m in about something challenge I’ve been facing (non-biz related this time).
I was asking for ADVICE.


But one of my mastermind sisters PMed me with a long message and instead NORMALIZED what I’m experiencing, affirmed me and sent me back on my way.
I cried a few healing tears and while the issue is still there it feels like so much more of a non-issue.


–which means it will probably ease up shortly.


I find that it’s usually not the issues we face but it’s the ISSUE we make about the issue.


Does that make sense?


Whatever you’re experiencing in your biz: a difficult client, falling out of being consistent with your visibility, not meeting a big goal, lack of inspiration, questioning everything, comparing yourself to others who have it all together.


It’s normal.


You’re normal.


Reach out to a friend (or post in here).


–and most importantly, HANG THE HECK IN THERE.


XX Anna